An order entry system for restaurants

Smaregi Waiter is a system that inputs and manages orders at restaurants.
Use an iPad, iPhone or iPadtouch for the efficient handling of customers’ orders at your store.

A smart process for handling customers’ orders at restaurants with no mistakes

Smaregi Waiter performs all tasks required for inputting and managing customers’ orders at restaurants. It works from the moment customers arrive. Once a server has received an order from customers after showing them to the table, the information is entered in the customer’s table data and sent to the kitchen and POS unit seamlessly.

In addition to handling orders, Smaregi uses the cloud to generate real-time information about the number of customers, order status and other aspects of a restaurant’s operations.

To perform vital functions without an internet link, Smaregi Waiter can also be used with Waiter BOX, a server located at the restaurant.

Our priorities for Smaregi Waiter development

Ease of use for better customer services

Ease of use is the most important goal. New and updated functions are used so that waiters can concentrate on serving their customers. Designs are created while focusing on every possible way to make operations even easier.

Fast and easy operations

Inputting orders quickly is vital for providing good service to restaurant customers. Smaregi Waiter is designed to ensure a reliable link between the app and the system’s server so that order input and other tasks can be completed rapidly.

An intent focus on the requirements of restaurants

Our goal is an intuitive ease of use that allows even first-time users to employ Smaregi Waiter as a tool for providing excellent customer service. We release a new version every two months in order to incorporate suggestions and other feedback from restaurant personnel who use this product.

History of Smaregi Waiter

We started developing Smaregi Waiter in response to requests from restaurant operators who use Smaregi. The first version of this product was launched on November 6, 2012 as an iPhone/iPod order entry system for restaurants.

In June 2013, we started selling a self-order function that allowed restaurant customers to use their own smartphones to place orders. This innovation generated considerable interest as a method for simplifying the ordering process and cutting expenses for restaurants.

In September 2017, we launched a beta version of Waiter BOX, a server placed in restaurants so that Smaregi Waiter will continue to operate even when an internet connection is temporarily lost. Sales of the official version of this server started in June 2018. Since then, we have regularly updated this server by reflecting suggestions and other feedback from users.

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