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As of the end of April 2024

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As of the end of April 2024

Big reduction in tasks needed for work time management

Smaregi Time Card is a cloud-based system for work time management. The system was created in response to requests from users of Smaregi. In addition to recording arrival and departure times, the system uses this data to calculate payroll, supervise vacation time, manage shifts, create daily reports, oversee projects and perform other functions. This greatly reduces time needed for human resources and labor-related tasks. There is no charge to customers who use Smaregi Time Card solely for recording working hours.

Smaregi Time Card has functions to prevent fraud. For example, units can take a photo when an individual arrives or departs, confirm that someone is smiling upon arrival, use bar codes and GPS, and perform other verifications. This is a human resources service created in response to requests from Smaregi users. Every effort was made to develop a system that produces a convenient service. As a result, Smaregi Time Card posted remarkable sales growth and the number of users continues to climb. Of course, this system is used at the offices of Smaregi, too.

Our priorities for Smaregi Time Card development

The ultimate time card system

We place emphasis on functions that users really need in order to develop a work time management system that would be essential to the operations of companies in many industries. Ease of use for a pleasant user experience was our most important goal.

Compliance with new and amended laws

We update Smaregi Time Card to keep up to date with changes in government health and employment insurance fees and other revisions to laws and regulations. In addition, we periodically conduct activities to receive feedback from users and add functions that reflect this information.

We use Smaregi Time Card ourselves

Everyone who works at Smaregi is a Smaregi Time Card user. Issues involving this system, ideas for new functions and other feedback from our workforce are incorporated in the activities of the Smaregi Time Card development team.

History of Smaregi Time Card

Smaregi Time Card was launched on January 21, 2014 to meet the needs of customers who were using Smaregi. This was our second product created with the aim of making store and business operations more efficient. Development of this product started in 2013. Initially, the name was Smile Time Card because of the plan to confirm that individuals are smiling when they arrive or leave.

We started offering the Smaregi Time Card service at no charge. This free version recorded arrival and departure times, managed working time at a business site, and performed all other traditional time card functions. The annual utilization growth rate exceeded 100% and the service was soon used throughout Japan in a large number of industries.

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