Become Japan’s largest holder of sales data and leverage expertise in the utilization of this information for worldwide growth

As of the end of January 2024 , Cumulative transactions handled by Smaregi surpassed 7.8trillion yen. An enormous volume of sales (POS) data is generated day after day along with these sales.

Our goal is to use a single format for the management of POS data as well as information produced by all types of retail and other business transactions. This includes e-commerce, B-to-B, vending machines, ticket machines and other channels for making purchases. Covering all these categories will lower prices due to economies of scale. It will also be possible to identify and study data patterns that would not be revealed by information from individual stores. The resulting insights can then be fed back to stores and other businesses. Accomplishing this goal will allow even small shops run by an individual to make management decisions based on the analysis of massive volumes of data.

We want Smaregi to become a global leader in the field of data utilization. By establishing this position, we will contribute to ensuring that business transactions in Japan remain among the most advanced in the world.

Contributing to economic advancement through the growth of cashless transactions

Japan has one of the lowest percentages of cashless purchases among developed countries. Nevertheless, the volume of cashless transactions, everything from credit cards to prepaid cards, is growing steadily. Growth will continue as more and more people experience the convenience of making purchases without cash.

Stores as well are happy to avoid the time and trouble associated with handling cash. Smaregi uses cashless payments and other methods to improve the efficiency of store operations while enabling businesses to maintain close ties with their customers. Smaregi is also structured to serve foreigners in Japan by accepting credit cards and other international payment methods as well as WeChat Pay and other payment services using foreign currencies. This will make Japan even more welcoming to visitors from other countries.

Smaregi is committed to helping increase the use of cashless payments in Japan in order to make business transactions more efficient and improve consumer convenience in accordance with the Cashless Vision of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (announced in April 2018).

Systems that enable small and midsize businesses to make greater use of ICT

Data systems linking smartphones, tablets and other devices to the cloud have the dual advantages of excellent performance and ease of use. Another benefit is the ability to use at all times the latest versions of software for the best possible functions and security.

Using these highly advanced data systems gives small and midsize companies access at a low cost to high-performance business systems that previously only big companies with large IT budgets could afford.

We are using many activities to extend our Smaregi know-how to more market sectors. One example is Smaregi Time Card, a work time management system created to meet the requirements of our customers. We look forward to creating still more cloud-based next-generation business systems.

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