Directors and Corporate Auditors

Hiroshi Yamamoto, Representative Director

Representative Director Hiroshi Yamamoto

Developed numerous business systems as an IT engineer beginning in 2003. Projects included the finance, communications, logistics, insurance, manufacturing, service and other business sectors. Served as an app contest judge and authored a book.

Skilled at creating revolutionary ideas far beyond the boundaries of conventional thinking by using his knowledge of many industries and his experience. Named representative of Plugram, Inc. in 2011 and, using experience developing a drug store POS system, launched the Smaregi cloud-based POS system.

Ryutaro Minato, Executive Vice President and Director

Executive Vice President and Director Ryutaro Minato

After a sales position in the construction industry, started working in system development in 2003. Participated in the development of car navigation and other embedded systems, financial systems infrastructure and many other large systems. Next used this experience and communication skills for involvement with all stages of development projects: solution proposals, oversight, designs, installation, analysis and other activities.

In 2011, used experience developing a drug store POS system to develop the Smaregi cloud-based POS system.

Kazuyoshi Jibiki, Director

Director Kazuyoshi Jibiki

Hired by ZEUS Co., Ltd. in 2002 as a web designer and was involved with planning, marketing and production. Managed the Franchised Store Department and Planning Department and then was named representative director of ZEUS in November 2005.

Due to extensive experience in the credit card payment sector, has considerable knowledge concerning the processing of online and offline payments. Founded blue, Inc. in 2013 as a provider of next-generation payment processing services.

Makoto Tokuda, Director and Founder

Director and Founder Makoto Tokuda

After working as an industrial designer, shifted to the web and IT system sector in 1999. Worked as a programmer, UI/UX designer and art director. In 2005, founded genephics design, Inc., the predecessor of Smaregi, and was a representative director.

Much expertise involving the development of website systems for large company ads, e-commerce development, web marketing and other fields. Primarily responsible for brand strategies and marketing. Involved in a diverse array of activities as chairman of Smaregi. Received New York Festivals and many other awards.

Yoshiyuki Tagawa, Director


Gained management experience at several operating companies and then joined an e-commerce apparel company. Supervised preparations, chiefly for finance and accounting, for the company’s successful IPO.

Joined Smaregi in January 2017 as the Administration Department manager. Used management experience for finance and accounting, his specialty, as well as for overseeing legal affairs and human resources. Played major roles in establishing frameworks for quarterly financial reports and internal controls. Elected a director in May 2018.

Ryuhei Miyazaki, Director


As an engineer, acquired experience beginning in 2007 in the development of many types of business systems. Joined Smaregi in 2011 and was involved with the development of services, including as manager of the Development Department. Played a central role in the creation of the Smaregi Time Card cloud-based work time management system.

Manages the Development Division, consisting of the Development Department and Customer Success Department. Elected a director in July 2019.

Masaya Suzuki, Outside Director

Outside director MASAYA SUZUKI

Earned Sociology degree at Rikkyo University and was hired by Sumitomo Corporation where he was selected as a venture member and assigned to the newly established Sumisho Grainger Co., Ltd. (now MonotaRO Co., Ltd.). Returned to Sumitomo Corporation in 2006 prior to Sumisho Grainger’s IPO and then joined Rakuten due to the potential of internet businesses. Returned to MonotaRO after about one year as marketing manager and was named president of MonotaRO in 2012.

By following his personal motto of “always seek new discoveries and challenges,” succeeded in expanding MonotaRO into one of Japan’s largest service organizations with approximately 18 million products.

Takuya Mochizuki, Full-time Corporate Auditor

Full-time Corporate Auditor TAKUYA MOCHIZUKI

Learned the basics of business at an apparel company and then moved to the internet sector. In 2005, established genephics design, Inc. (now Smaregi Inc.) with Makoto Tokuda (a Smaregi director) and became a director of this company. Involved with management, sales, accounting, administration, human resources and other activities other than production.

Activities other than at Smaregi include involvement in measures for the growth of the internet industry, including the establishment of meetings for exchanging information. Resigned as a Smaregi director in 2010 and, after involvement with e-commerce, public relations and human resources at Smaregi, was elected a full-time corporate auditor in 2017.

Yutaka Ohira, Outside Corporate Auditor

Outside Corporate Auditor YUTAKA OHIRA

Passed certification tests as a certified public accountant and tax accountant in 1994 and was engaged in accounting and tax consulting mainly for IPO support, M&A due diligence, corporate revitalization support and many other projects.

Uses his broad range of consulting expertise and bases all activities on the personal guideline of fairness and neutrality. Established the Ohira Accounting Office in 2016 and was elected a corporate auditor in 2017.

Masayuki Murata, Outside Corporate Auditor

Outside Corporate Auditor MASAYUKI MURATA

Joined the Osaka Securities Exchange, Inc. in 1991 and was named an executive officer in 2003. Supervised establishment of the Hercules Market after the withdrawal from NASDAQ. Executive for new listing and listing termination examinations starting in 2006. In 2010, was in charge of Japan’s first stock exchange takeover bid, which was successful. Executive officer for the listing promotion department of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. since 2013.

Resigned his position at the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2018 and established PUBLIC GATE LLC, a stock listing support company.

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