Message from the CEO

Hiroshi Yamamoto

Internet and Computers are fascinating!

More than 10 years ago, Makoto Tokuda (founder of Smaregi and my schoolmate) and I had many discussions about the future of the internet and computers. Both of us were captivated and excited by the worldview of the Japanese animation Ghost in the Shell.

I have seen the internet and computers become an integral part of almost every element of society. Consumer spending, business practices, personal relationships, households, education, transportation and many other aspects of our lives are closely linked with the internet and computers. Many new cultures have emerged as a result. I think the result will be one of the greatest impacts on the world since the beginning of recorded history.

Today, we are seeing only the beginning of the momentous social changes that will occur due to the internet and computers. It is exciting to imagine how these changes will shape the future. My goal is to play a role in using the power of IT to make our social lives even more pleasant and fulfilling.

Hiroshi Yamamoto

January 2016
Hiroshi Yamamoto

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