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  • Launched in May 2021

Contributing to the digital transformation (DX) of stores by easing the shortage of the workforce that supports technology

IT solutions are evolving every day. However, contrary to this speed of growth, there is a chronic shortage of engineers who can support technological advancement.

It is said that the scale of this labor shortage will exceed 800,000 by 2030 (refer to data on the status of IT human resources development by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry *In Japanese). Amidst the constantly growing demand for IT, which underpins the foundations of our daily lives, it is not possible to overlook this labor shortage problem.

The development of the IT industry, which is our business domain, and the digital transformation (DX) of stores, can only be achieved by nurturing IT human resources. As a company that provides IT solutions, our mission is to foster a culture and build a foundation that encourage more people to take up jobs in the IT sector, and to produce richly creative engineers. With this in mind, we have launched Smaregi Tech Farm to discover and nurture IT human resources.

How Smaregi Tech Farm works
Producing engineers with reliable technical skills in an era that demands “quality” in human resources

In the forthcoming era, as we face a shrinking working population, it will not be possible to sustain economic growth by securing IT human resources alone. It is vital to focus on the “quality” of human resources, or in short, to continuously enhance the skills of each individual engineer.

At Smaregi Tech Farm, we focus on Smaregi’s unique approach to education and providing support, among other activities, to nurture human resources. Our aim is to produce engineers who can play an active role in any field. The engineers themselves can hone their skills through involvement in system development projects in various industries, offering them the potential to greatly expand their career prospects.

Smaregi Tech Farm supports the growth of engineers, with the aim of realizing a future where engineers with reliable technical skills lead the IT sector of Japan.

Smaregi Tech Farm

Strengths of Smaregi Tech Farm

Securing IT engineers, of which there is a shortage

IT engineers, of which there is a shortage, contribute greatly to society as a whole by accelerating innovation, promoting economic growth, enhancing education, and providing innovative solutions to social issues.

Improving product quality and development speed

Utilize Smaregi Tech Farm, which has a wealth of experience built up through SES, to boost your company’s development capabilities. This will, in turn, make it possible to improve the quality of your products and accelerate development.

Revitalizing research and development (R&D)

Diverse project experience and knowhow, gained through SES, drives innovation and technological advancements, expands the breadth of research and development, and opens up new possibilities.

Vision of Smaregi Tech Farm
Discovering and nurturing engineers to realize future growth of the Japanese economy

IT human resources, of which there is a shortage of in Japan, create the future of the country.

Engineers play an important role in driving continued economic growth, and we feel that the serious shortage that Japan is facing is a crisis.

As a company that provides IT solutions, we take the lead in discovering and nurturing IT human resources, and sending them out to various sectors. The goal of these activities is to contribute to the development of the IT sector as well as the Japanese economy.

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