Corporate Identity

Corporate Philosophy

Making the future even better

Our dedication to a “better future” rather than simply to the future expresses our commitment to doing business with sincerity and fulfilling our social obligations. We want to play a part in creating a better future for our customers, shareholders, employees, management team, and their families and all other stakeholders. This philosophy also embodies our strong commitment and passion regarding the future. We understand that our own actions are what will create the future. Our philosophy expresses our determination to use our business activities to create a better future full of potential for everyone. (Established in November 2015)

Management Philosophy


Aim to improve profitability through open POS data and improve in-house productivity through data-driven management.

Action Guidelines


Be passionate about creating a better future and always take on new challenges without any fear of failure.


Foster relationships with others in order to maintain an atmosphere of sincere and direct communications

Social Responsibility

Be aware of social responsibilities and conduct business activities with sincerity and fairness

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