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Able to collect and use sales data worldwide

Smaregi is a new POS system that revolutionizes store operations. In addition to basic cash register functions, this system performs real-time sales analysis, highly advanced inventory management, and many other tasks that go far beyond the conventional functions of POS systems. This system is also compatible with many peripherals and services, such as for credit card and e-money payments and using bar code readers, sensors, RFID tags and other methods for inputting merchandise codes.

All transaction data are stored on a Smaregi cloud server. This is possible regardless of the locations of these transactions, the type of industry or the size of a store or other business. Cloud storage eliminates a shortcoming of conventional POS systems. In addition, the centralized retention of Smaregi data makes it possible to use this information for the creation of many types of added value.

Smaregi plans to continue taking actions for the growth of cashless payments in Japan in accordance with the Cashless Vision that was announced in 2018 by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Smaregi App Market
The industry’s first platform service utilizing POS data,
Smaregi App Market

Smaregi has users from various industries such as retail, resturants, service industries, medical institutions to name a few, each industry and business type have different needs and requirements. Smaregi App Market is a platform connecting Smaregi users from many different industries and business types with developers creating solutions for these needs and requirements through Smaregi.

Smaregi users can search the app market for apps that meet the requirements of their business and incorporate it in their Smaregi service. In addition, developers can use the ’Smaregi Developers’ API to create apps that provide solutions and sell them on the App Market.

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Smaregi Waiter
An order entry system that streamlines restaurant ordering operations

Smaregi Waiter performs all tasks required for inputting and managing customers’ orders at restaurants. Once a server has received an order from customers after showing them to the table, the information is entered in the customer’s table data and sent to the kitchen and POS unit seamlessly.

In addition to handling orders, Smaregi uses the cloud to generate real-time information about the number of customers, order status and other aspects of a restaurant’s operations.

Furthermore, Smaregi Table Order enables customers to place their orders directly at their table, offering a solution to staff shortages. Additionally, we provide the Waiter BOX, an in-house server that ensures reliable usage even in offline conditions.

Smaregi Waiter

Our priorities for Smaregi development

Always accomplish goals

We are constantly working on identifying key issues and devising effective solutions in order to achieve customer satisfaction. We always take on new challenges and never compromise when aiming for our goals.

Look beyond advanced technologies

Satisfying the people who develop our products and technologies is not our objective. Customers are our priority. This is why we select and use technologies necessary for the purpose of achieving the best possible user experience.

Serve a broader spectrum of users

We want to cover an even larger number of the needs of users of our products. This is why we are dedicated to being a source of services that offer greater convenience for our customers regardless of how our products are used.

History of Smaregi

Smaregi debuted on September 26, 2011 as a POS system for use on an iPhone or iPod. At that time, POS companies concentrated mainly on hardware. But we realized that hardware is not the most critical element of POS units. We made retail payment systems and ways to consolidate payment data the focus of our new product development program. Now, the consolidation and analysis of data is gaining recognition as a key aspect of POS systems due to technological progress. Properly utilizing this information can produce immense industrial value.

Smaregi is smaller and less expensive than conventional POS systems. There is no need for a large check-out unit and store server. Smaregi sales of increased rapidly following its launch, especially to small stores and restaurants. Low cost and ease of installation along with intuitive operation despite its advanced functions earned Smaregi a Good Design Award in 2013.

Smaregi was adopted in advance at the merchandise booth of the KEN HIRAI Live Tour 2011 “JAPANESE SINGER” by the well-known singer Ken Hirai.

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