IT Resource Development
Produce creative and innovative
IT human resources and accelerate DX

IT solutions for stores are evolving day by day, and they need to be updated continuously. The research and development for the future in this field is essential. However, as DX accelerates in all industries, there has been a growing shortage of IT engineers throughout Japan. By discovering, developing, and producing creative and innovative IT human resources, Smaregi is going to support the acceleration of DX within the area of store management countrywide.

We will contribute to the development of the IT industry and the Japanese economy by nurturing the soil and culture that will make children think "I want to work in the IT industry!" in the future, and by developing IT human resources personnel who will be the future leaders.

Discover and develop IT creative human resources
Smaregi TechFarm

Released May 2021

Smaregi Tech Farm is the project in personnel training for engineering beginners with no experience to about 3 years of experience. We cultivate talented engineers who can active in various fields by conducting training activities through the education and nurturing.

We encourage their growth with our unique training activities, including being involved in system development for various industries through our dispatching business of IT resources.

  • Securing a shortage of IT engineers
  • Improving product quality and development speed
  • Activation of R&D
  • Utilization and commercialization of our POS data

Design development for store management
Smaregi UD Lab

Coming soon

We will keep on doing research and development on the design building of software and hardware for store management also for store operations in order to make these attractive and functional for all people to use.

Smaregi is aiming for being the products that can be used by everyone, regardless of culture, language, nationality, age, gender, or physical characteristics.

  • Support diversity of society
  • Promote globalization
  • Realize of smooth communication

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